We wish you a Happy New Year 2019

My dearest friends of God, brothers and sisters We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year! God is a God of reminder who reminder of using our Gifts for Jesus.

The very thing Moses had in his hands was his staff but when God asked him a simple question that “Moses what is in your hands?” This New year 2019 also God has to remind us to use our Gifts for Jesus. We might forget our gifts or compare our gifts with others that ours is not looking best as others.

But God has given us His gifts that only we can use it no other person in this world. So please start using it for His Glory then you will see the mighty things are happening in your life, family, job, and Ministry.

We are also reminding you to pray for us. I am leaving to India from March to June 2019. We need your prayers and support for my Mission trip cost 950 $. 

We are going to reach more 3000 kids, 500 pastors and planting new churches and preaching the Gospel. So I am requesting you to PRAY that God will use us . Thank you!

We thank you for those who are praying for us and helping us so far. Thank you.

You can also directly involve your ministry or church for helping people of India by your interested Projects in India by contacting 

Mr.J.Richard ,5-3-9.T.Vadipatti Road,Sholavandan,Madurai,India-625214.

Thanking you! May God Bless you!



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