Leprosy Widow Felt First Time Real Love !


KANI is a mother of 5 children when she got a leprosy her children chased her out from her own house. She already lost her husband through bus accident. Now she is nowhere to go. So she started begging at street and stay in a Government Leprosy colony . There she heard about Jesus when IGMI team went there. Now she is filled with happiness in her face and said, “Lord Jesus this world gave me how to be a sad person but you made me as a Happy person. I will live for you and share your happiness to this world.”
She need your prayers and love so that she will be not only fed and taken care off but also she can preach the Gospel to her leprosy friends in her colony! She living for Jesus and good prayer warrior!
We have seen already she is talking about the Lord what He has done for her. Her friends are amazed to see how her face has been changed and filled with happiness from Jesus!

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  • Kani need a regular medical help
  • Food and medical aid
  • She need a monthly  help !
  • Monthly 30 $ will be cover her expenditure for her to have needs to be met. She will  pray for you!
  • Leprosy is a disease which affects the skin and nerves then slowly it makes paralyses of a person and make them blind and slowly shut down the human.
    Immovable Grace has been visited and preaching the Gospel to more than 25 leprosy colonies in INDIA where each colony has minimum of 250 lepers who never felt the Love before in their life.
    Poorest of the poor Leprosy need your prayers and help!
    Jesus cleanse the lepers many of the lepers they were chased out from their own home by their own children because of the social Stigma!


  • Many hundreds of lepers need to hear the Gospel and need your  help.
    In Many leprosy colonies even the doctors won’t touch them because of their Hindu belief if a person affected by leprosy that means he/she much be done very worst sin in their previous birth of their past life. So no one is allowed to help them.
    When we preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus they started believing it and they also feel loved.
    We need your prayers for this leprosy who desperately need your  love help!
    You could meet their medical needs or good food,blankets , rice and lentils or fruits and vegetables some of them are not having shoes (when they walk on a hot road in India they didn’t feel the hot but many of their foot become septic because of the nail was punctured their bottom of the foot.
    Many of their children needs educational help and water system for their colonies. We pray the Lord would use you among them Mightily!
    Harvest is plenty But the laborers are few!
    In India many of the leprosy villages people are abandoned by the societies. Many of them need your Love!
    We need your help to reach out this precious people who lost their hope . This people never felt some one who died for them and resurrected on the third day unless we go to them and share the love of Jesus. Would you go to them or send your help to those who are going to reach them. We believe the Lord is the one who directing towards IGMI for reason.
    You can come and share the Gospel to them and If the Lord called you to visit this precious people you are invited to show the seeds on this faithful ministry.  We are not a large organisation or big people we are an ordinary people who called by our Lord to do His work among wherever people who are rejected by the societies and communities we go to them to preach the Gospel.

    Jesus loves the forgotten people who are affected by leprosy!
God is calling you to serve among this leprosy people who will go for me ? To whom shall I  send ? will you be the one whom God is searching around this Globe ? can you ask God. Lord why can’t be me for this great work?
When you read a Bible Lord loves the needy and the one who are in the dust and people who were forgotten by this world. Would you be the Jesus for this people today ?

It is easy to preach but how many of us really wanted to live rather than preaching. The one who don’t do he will preach about it, but the one who do it will he act and live on it. So will you be the one who act and live for the Lord? God wanted to see the fruit of your season not from somebody else. He really searching for you towards these leprosy people in India. You can directly involve to this ministry no any resistance or conditions but consider if you wanted to travel for such a long distance how could you see them without doing anything like before your eyes you will see them are suffering and hurt by the pain how would you feel that you didn’t do anything to help them?

So if you are coming for the mission please feel free to write and we would like to receive you.

We need more people in the States to do fundraiser for this people. So in anyways you could do that we would like to welcome you to do for us.

Leprosy in India receiving the Gospel. We need more prayer partners for our Mission!

We also need Bibles , New testaments and Spectacles.

Touch of Jesus among lepers! Will you be the Hands of Jesus among the one who need Jesus ?


Many hundreds of lepers they are not having a good  health and shelter to live this precious people are living among streets , ditches area ,bus stands and dust waste areas without any hope in their life.DO YOU WANT TO REACH THEM FOR JESUS?

Even Today many hundreds of lepers in a leprosy colonies they go out of the colonies for begging because they are not getting good medical treatment and food. I have seen many of the leprosy colonies lepers  would wrapping their bandages and dressing their wounds one leprosy to another . 

IMMOVABLE GRACE is helping them with good food and giving medical aid to them.

Little by little this leprosy man loose his legs if nobody takes care of his wounds.

This leprosy man lost his legs toes and fingers he can’t do any work!


A lady who affected by leprosy is very much bad situation.

Martyrs for Jesus in India!

I will live and die for Jesus !
We have one of our pastor who preaching the Gospel among remote Hindu villages without any food a day. He and his wife was beaten up and the gang were chased them and beaten up our pastor’s head on that spot he died. His wife was injured and we were able to help her.
But she told me “Me and my rest of my 3 children are ready to walk the way how my husband walked for Jesus.”
Right now she is doing ministry for the Lord. She told me I thought we are all alone only Jesus knows us but now we know we have a people who are in His kingdom to watch over us and stand with us.
She need 40 $ to feed her 3 children and serve the Lord faithfully.
They have changed many of the people lives in remote Hindu villages they need your prayers and love support.
If you think about sacrificing your coffee could help meet of this lady and her whole family can be fed with rice for a month in India!

Our pastor and his wife were beaten by the extremists!


Our pastor though he died for the Gospel His people are zeal for the Lord!
This is our IMMOVABLE GRACE pastor’s church who martyred for Gospel!

Immovable Grace Help!Now our Pastor’s Lady Mrs.Martin is taking the same path for the Lord where her husband died for the Lord .


The rev. Gideon Periyaswamy was 43 and led the Maknayeem church. It was converted 25 years ago by Hinduism. In the past he had been harassed and humiliated. The Hindus “were not happy with the increase of the Christian faithful”.

Our  Christian pastor was found dead hanged on the roof of his home in a village in Tamil Nadu. The Rev. Gideon Periyaswamy was 43 and led the church of Maknayeem, in the village of Adayachery. His death is shrouded in mystery, and the fact that just a week ago he had lodged a complaint against extremist Hindu groups was aroused. Some faithful already speak of murder and the attempt to disguise murder with suicide.

The pastor was found hanging on a rope on January 20th 2018 At about 5 am, the body was revived by Indira and Regina, two Christians from the community who came to the church to clean the structure. The women reported that the body of the Rev. Periyaswamy hung abnormally from the ceiling, knees bent to the floor. In addition, when the police broke the knot around the neck, a cut was found under the throat, with a noticeable blood clot.

Local witnesses argue that death is due to the disagreements with local extremists, who humiliated and harassed him for years. “But he – remembers a believer – told us that we had to live in peace with our neighbors and not create grounds for disagreement”.

The pastor had converted 25 years ago from Hinduism and from 12 led the Adayachery church. The Rev. Reuben, a friend of the deceased, reports that “the local Hindus were not happy with the increase of the Christian faithful”. Despite the death threats, the pastor repeated: “I have no problems. If the Lord grants it to me, I will die a martyr for Christ, but his ministry will not end. “

Pastor Richard .J is in one of Our branch church in IGMI India!

Our Pastor David Anbu is running our another branch church in India IGMI!
This is our another Branch church where Pastor S.Joseph preaching the Gospel in IGMI.
Our new beginning this was my third church we (pastor Richard and team  )planted in India!

We have more than 300 pastors in our IGMI . We need more prayers because we have lots of needs that we only could looking unto Jesus .

We need your prayers and  help. We need your regular support for our 250 pastors $40 a month. Your small drop of support will meet all of our pastors needs.

You can help support one missionary with a monthly donation of $40. When you become a sponsor, your missionary’s picture and testimony will be sent to you promptly.

First time hearing the Gospel in Hindu villagers!

In India very first time people hearing the gospel through our Immovable Grace gospel team who tirelessly preaching the Gospel.

Our Gospel team they go into the villages every single day by walk many miles without any help. Many time they were chased by the villagers and village Hindu leaders. Sometimes they warned our people by threatening them saying before we do something evil through our witch doctor it is better for you to leave.

But still our team go there and share about the love of Jesus. We have many witchcraft affected people, witch doctors got saved.

We bound by robe many times for the gospel but our Lord’s gospel never been bound by us. India has more than 1 billion people 303 billion God’s and goddesses. Think about the Lord’s gospel how it would bringing lights among darkness.

We simply need your prayers and help for preaching the Gospel. Our team meet minimum 6 to 10 villages every day. We are preaching and helping the helpless widow,orphans and praying for the sick people to be healed in the name of Jesus.

We never scared for our life even death comes we stand for the Lord’s Godpel to be preached at every door of unreached homes in India.

We need minimum 50000 tracts , 20000 New Testament and 10000 bibles. More than 300 pastors are spreading the gospel in different parts of India under Immovable Grace in India.

You can help our gospel worker per month 40$ and for the gospel materials you can send any amount you can for the tracts,New Testament and bible.

Tracts each thousand cost 50$,New Testament 1$ and full bible is 2.5$.

If you are interested to have an mission experience in India you are welcome here.

Care Cell Ministries

In India our Lord Jesus Christ is using us to preach the Gospel and helping the poorest of the poor.

In India Tamil Nadu Madurai and around this district we have started up care cell groups and are giving training to over 100 pastors to train their own people to preach the Gospel around their own villages. When you begin to reach villages in India, it means that you are beginning to reach the whole of India. In our church we have started up 8 care cell groups this year 2016.


We have sowers and reapers ministry team in villages to preach and teach the Lord’s word!

Here in India people are very hungry to seek after the true God. So they are trying to find true God. So we simply share the Gospel with them and explain that our Lord Jesus Christ is the one who has come to seek the lost.