Leprosy mission by IMMOVABLE GRACE!

This leprosy man can die at any time Pastor Richard prayed for him and lead him to Jesus.
praying for leprosy.
God is calling you to serve among this leprosy people who will go for me? To whom I will send ? will you be the one whom God is searching around this Globe ? can you ask God. Lord, why can’t be me for this great work?
Poorest of the poor Leprosy need your prayers and help!

In India year 1993 to 94, I was staying with my sister who was a Missionary to North Tamil Nadu. I went to help in their ministry by doing early morning don preaching with the Local Gospel team and do village evangelism. But as I know what God has for me in the future I used to pray every single day morning 10.30 to 1 “o” clock at the hill it is called poomalai kadu (flower hill forest).

One day when I was praying for maybe the year later as I was helping my sister’s ministry VBS and other village evangelism. As usual, one day when I was praying one day God gave me a word “Leprosy.”

As I got the word Leprosy I thought in the Bible God healed many leprosy so I should pray for them. I prayed for them after I come back to my sister’s house again I got the word this time God said talk about leprosy to your sister. Then I asked my sister do you about leprosy sister? she said me don’t you know there are more than 250 people of leprosy who lived in one colony? I told her no. Then I asked her if I want to meet them what should I do? She and her husband they were helped me to get there and we give them a word of God and good food. Many of them were said “Even our own children though they have chased us from our own house because of leprosy now we believe the Lord Jesus is the one true Living God and He is the one who sent you to us. Through this leprosy colonies, we had come to know many of the leprosy colonies. We have seen people who lost their fingers, legs, sight, paralyzed because of leprosy.

What is leprosy?

Leprosy is a disease caused by Micro bacterial. Leprosy comes by touch or droplet infection. Mainly it infects skins and the nerves. 

Leprosy is a disease of poverty – The lower people in society get leprosy because they have an unhygienic living condition. Their immune system low and the food is low. Those people who have nobody to support.

Leprosy affected people lose their sensation because of their nerves are affected. Leprosy can be cured by giving Medical help on right time.

A leprosy man was walking on his legs and hands at sun hot muddy streets to hear the Gospel through IGMI.

Many of them were becoming blinds and paralyzes.
leprosy man believes Jesus is the true Living God!
A life of a leprosy man has to sit on a sidewalk for begging a money to get food.


Please help us to reach leprosy with one time good food for 200 leprosies $500. If you are burdened to help them with the blanket each blanket cost is 3$. We need 250 to 300 blankets in each colony. We are reaching mainly 6 leprosy colonies.

please contact us: richardjoseph@immovablegrace.org

No hope!
superstitial beliefs that if you are leprosy that means you did something wrong in your previous birth. this is the punishments from our gods and goddesses. Noone should help them too otherwise their gods and goddesses would be angry with the one who helps these leprosies. 
no fingers nobody gives them any job because of social stigma!
The year 1994 I got life changed experience by seeing the leprosy people many of them who could not able to do anything eating or moving. They put their legs by hanging up on the roof with the robe. This where I got my first vision to reach leprosy in India!