Discipleship School &Free tuition given to poorest of the poor Dalits in India!

Discipleship School by Pastor Richard Joseph.

Immovable Grace Discipleship school in India is to teach the new young people to stand for the Lord in their faith as well as they follow Christ.

IGMI is giving Discipleship training to many hundreds of young people. Those young people many of them are becoming as a native missionaries in many parts of India.

Many times our discipleship school will be held on a street and outside of the villages or building where no one wanted to live.

IGMI has a new strategy to plant church building where there is no single christian or churches and reach the people through Free tailoring school ,tuition for poor children , church services on Sundays , Bible studies on everyday and One pastor can live as their family shelter.

Many of the times church planting failed in India as I have been seeing more than 20 years of my ministry experiences because of the church would be run under the Hindu land lord. When those people who don’t like our worship services held in their rented building or others who are opposite groups of the Gospel can threaten the house owner then the ministry could be easily removed from that village though the pastor and people are really wanted to be grow in the Lord.



Discipleship Teachings by IGMI.

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