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In the month of July, we were preaching the Gospel to 25 villages. More than 2000 people heard the Gospel. 130 of them were received Jesus as their Lord and savior. 40 of them were gotten a water Baptism. We fed 280 of them in 4 places in 9 Meetings.

In July each of our meetings 20 many people were attending the total meeting of 8. We fed with rice to 160 many widows, 120 many blinds. In our 10 of the care cell, 200 people learned about Jesus. Through 4 of our tuition 80 kids are getting education help.


1.Aananth 22 years old young man from strong in Hindu beliefs got cancer and though he takes medication for 2 years his doctor did all they could so they gave up hope for him. The doctors sent him back to his house for his death. Then our Immovable Grace church team went to preach the Gospel to his house shared about Jesus. But all of his friends and family said that he cannot able to live. Still, our team members were given a new hope for him and his parents that he will live for Jesus only Jesus can heal him. When they put their trust upon Jesus and our team was prayed with his family God miraculously healed him. Now he has no cancer at all the whole family is living for Jesus.

  1. karunas a 6 years old boy was missing from the morning but his parents are living nearby national High ways. But his parents were searching for him in their whole village and nearby villages from morning till evening. The whole family was broken down and worried where their boy would be gone. Our immovable grace church team went there for the ministry she heard about it and prayed for this family and boy have to be found. What a mighty God we serve after 5 minutes they were prayed 6 years old boy came home from 5 miles away from other villages. The whole family got saved and the villagers also saw this is the miracle of Jesus.




In the month of August, we were preaching the Gospel to 25 villages. More than 2500 people heard the gospel 50 of them saved 20 of them got Baptism. We fed 280 of them in 4 places in 10 meetings.

In the month of August in each meeting, 20 many people were attended in total meetings of 9. We fed 160 many widows, 150 pastors, and 120 leprosies with rice.

Through our care cell in 10 places, 200 many of them were growing in the Lord’s word. More than 80 poor children are getting tuition help in 4 of our tuition centers.



  1. Ravi is a 23 years old boy who fallen down from a large building when he was fitting CCTV camera. But he was a boy who always loves the Lord. Only he got saved through Pastor Richard from his family. So his parents and friends would tease him and mocked him saying you are the next priest of his family temple where his father is a priest now. So they mocked him saying our gods have punished you because you went to worship foreign god when he has fallen from the pole and broken his leg. But he was saying to them when I have fallen down I was saying Jesus that is why I am alive today. Otherwise, you would see my dead body by now. The only true living God Jesus was saved my life in my life. So now Ravi though he could able to walk and work as a photographer he goes to 2 new villages every day to preach the Gospel. Because of Ravi’s faith, his brother got saved coming to church and live for Jesus.


  1. Sharmila is a 14 years old girl who possessed by demonic oppression for more than 3 years. She was taken by her grandma to many different witch doctors to get her deliverance from evil spirits. Then finally one of her grandma’s friends took her to an immovable grace church. When our pastor’s and people prayed God delivered her granddaughter from all of her evil spirits troubles. Now she and her granddaughter believe the Lord.






In the month of September, Immovable Grace Team was reaching 30 villages for preaching the Gospel more than 3000 people were heard the Gospel. 50 of them got saved 20 of them gotten Baptism. We fed 480 of them in 10 meetings.

In the month of September 160, many people were attended in total of 8 meetings. We fed 160 widows, 200 pastors, and 120 blinds. In our 10 of the care cell, 100 people are growing in the Lord and 120 many poor children are getting tuition help in 4 of our tuition centers.


  1. Saamundi was a 45 years old lady doing prostitute business in a small village for 20 years. She felt peace less though she gets money, people, and luxurious life through living in wicked life. Because of her behaviors, her husband and children left her all alone. Until last year she had no hope or joy in her life because she had a pain in her womb now nobody to help her all of her life she lived for others was waste. Now she wanted to live but her disease and pain are giving her much trouble to her. So when our immovable grace team went to her village nobody even talked to her or stand near to her. Our team members were prayed over her by sharing the Gospel. She accepted our Lord Jesus as her personal savior. Right away with tears, she confessed before all the people nobody likes me I accept all of their blame on me. I don’t want even my healing of my body but I need a people acceptance. So she was screamed before all the villagers please forgive me. I did great mistakes I welcome my death now but I need your forgiveness. Many of them not accepting her apology but she felt peace in her heart. Now she is though very weak in her health she is living for Jesus.


  1. Santhanam was a 58 years old guy who worked as a carpenter his only 28 years old daughter was not married. So he and his family did all kinds of Hindu rituals by going to many different temples. But he was sadly sitting in his house thinking that his daughter will never marry because nothing worked out. His relative is one of our Immovable grace team members her name is Kamala God felt led her to go and met him. Then she shared the Gospel asked him to put his trust upon Jesus. When he repents for his sins and invited Jesus into his heart within one month a man came and married. Now he and his family all of them putting their trust upon Jesus.




JULY-AUG-SEP 2018-10-04.

Throughout July, August, and September, we were preaching the gospel in 80 villages. More than 7500 many people have heard the Gospel.  230 Many people got saved, and 80 many people gotten water Baptism. 350 Many pastors, 240 many blinds, 480 many widows, 120 many leprosies were fed with rice.

600 Many people were growing in the Lord in 30 many of our care cell prayer groups.280 many poor kids are getting free tuition help in our 12 many of our tuition centers.

We thank of one accord if the main blessings for us to reach these poor people who need Jesus among all other 330000000 gods and goddesses. In India every newborn baby has to take care of a minimum of 5 of the new gods and goddesses then only they can finish worshiping all of their gods. Otherwise, many thousands of them would be left out without people. These people need the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ more than any other in the world. They have more than 1600 languages. I speak 6 languages yet many people speak more than 10 languages still it is very few people only we can reach. In 2020 India will overtake China’s population though in size vice India very little than China. So we desperately need more prayers and more help for the mission to reach many hundreds of thousands in India.

Thank you for your help and prayers! May God Bless You!


Dominic is 45 years old men who married and has 2 children. But he was a group leader who steals different places in the night time. But when he came to steal one of our immovable grace team lady houses she was tearfully praying for India and unknown people. He got convicted by that mother was selflessly praying through I was born and brought up from Roman Catholic family I became a thief he got convicted now he is getting a job in private school by accepting Jesus.

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