First time hearing the Gospel in Hindu villagers!

In India very first-time people hearing the gospel through our Immovable Grace gospel team who tirelessly preaching the Gospel.

Our Gospel team goes into the villages every single day by walk many miles without any help. Many times they were chased by the villagers and village Hindu leaders. Sometimes they warned our people by threatening them saying before we do something evil through our witch doctor it is better for you to leave.

But still, our team go there and share the love of Jesus. We have many witchcraft affected people, witch doctors got saved.

We bound by robe many times for the gospel but our Lord’s gospel never been bound by us. India has more than 1 billion people 303 billion God’s and goddesses. Think about the Lord’s gospel how it would bringing lights among the darkness.

We simply need your prayers and help for preaching the Gospel. Our team meets a minimum of 6 to 10 villages every day. We are preaching and helping the helpless widow, orphans and praying for the sick people to be healed in the name of Jesus.

We never scared for our life even death comes we stand for the Lord’s Gospel to be preached at every door of unreached homes in India.

We need a minimum of 50000 tracts, 20000 New Testament and 10000 bibles. More than 300 pastors are spreading the gospel in different parts of India under Immovable Grace in India.

You can help our gospel worker per month 40$ and for the gospel materials, you can send any amount you can for the tracts, New Testament and the Bible.

Tracts each thousand cost 50$, New Testament 1$ and the full bible is 2.5$.

If you are interested to have a mission experience in India you are welcome here.

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