Barn Swallow

It is a bird that flies from Argentina to California then back to Argentina the total distance is 16600-kilometers. All these distance they are flying on air above the sea there are no places for them to take rest on hills or find food on the ground. But how would they take rest if they are tired? How would they find food when they are hungry? Because when they start their journey from Argentina they are carrying a small stick and wherever they want to take rest or finding food they put it on the sea for floating and sitting on it then they carry it again fly.

I really wonder how God has given knowledge to the 5 sense creature to face their far journey what they need to do. I am sure He has given to a human who has a 6th sense and whom He made as His own Image to face his life challenges to be in all his life.

I wonder all the trials and tribulation that I had in my past never be big to be the one I was faced until my 30 years in India. I wonder why God is not taking a people to Him once when he got saved because I believe he needs to do more for the Lord than his own. That’s why Paul said it is no longer that I live but He who lives in me.

Like for Barn swallow God has given a small stick to pass their 16600-kilometers as a live stick God is more than able to give His beloved one to move forward to do His will. In Philippians: 4:13 Paul is saying, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

So we all need to walk with the hope towards our destiny what God has for us to walk.

Last time I went to India April 25 to August 4, 2018, God did mighty things among 3000 kids,450 pastors,4 of our churches,300 blinds,50 orphan children, 400 leprosies and train few of our mission leaders in India. Suicidal thoughts women got saved few of leprosy who never walked they were walking and blinds saw their sight. God was touched many people and me really happy to minister among the people whom God wanted me to be. I was entirely filled with His spirit to touch those sick and bound people to be free in Jesus Name.

After I come back to the US I really humble before the Lord what He has for me to do among my family not with my knowledge and power than His will, grace, love, and power. I have an experience of walking on water with Jesus it is not new to me but in practical everybody human, we all need His touch and grace otherwise we can’t fly and pass our journey. I really love all those who encourage me and love me and pray with me. My happiness is not from outside sources than who He is in me.

I encourage all of you to focus on Jesus than our ability, talents, power, and Knowledge. Because Greater is who lives in us than the one in the world. I really appreciate the one who is tender towards my ministry in India

Where there is no way God can make a way but whom we rely on? To the one who called us or others? When we rely on the Holy Spirit He will make a way. If God opens the door no one can shut it. If He closed it no one can open it. But He is telling you and me, Here I have set before you the open doors. The door is no other than the Lord Jesus Christ. He said to let my sheep will enter through me and have their food in and out. I will never put you down or shame you like the human does that to you. Because you are able through me everything is possible.

When you are in the hopeless situation do not give up because He is our new hope and He is our Redeemer. Our Redeemer is living. All I say to you is you are more valuable than a sparrow. He loves you and I cares for you and me more than anything in this world. Though I have a lot to say I have to finish it. Thank you for reading it. Here I have a small prayer for all of you!

Dear Jesus thank you for your wisdom, knowledge, grace, love, power your likeness in us to face our life challenges Lord. I pray everyone who is in trouble deliver them Lord and make a way to come out from their trouble Lord. You are the God who never leave us nor forsake us, Lord. We need you all the time even when we are happy or sad. With you, all is possible for us Lord I pray for the people (800000 of them) who lost their houses in Kerala India Lord. Help us to reach them and show your love to the Lord. We need your name to be glorified in Jesus Name. We exalt your name and come to your throne of Grace as your children whom you always love and hear our prayers, Lord. Be with us Lord and teach us always to walk in your ways and fulfill all your will in our Life Lord. We know all our days are counted in your hands. We are here on earth to walk like you think like you and act like you Lord. Thank you for your Word, magnificent love, power, and Presence.  We thank you once again for sending your son Jesus to shed his blood on the cross of Calvary more than 2000 years ago on this earth. Thank you cover us Lord with your blood and blanket of grace. In Jesus name, we pray Amen! Hallelujah!

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