Tribal & villages ministry by IGMI Team!


Hundreds of Santali tribes heard the word of God Morning to evening 5pm.


Immovable is reaching the Darkest state of India tribals in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh by IGMI native missionaries!


IGMI is helping the widows through rice projects and giving them a Gospel to the poorest of the poor women who are broken up and lost their hope by their families and friends. God used our members who are in the ministry more than 10 to 30 years in the ministry each of them are prayer warriors and how to preach the Gospel to the villages people of India . We call them as our native missionaries and team members. They are all educated in secular field who got saved and dedicated humble people of God to reach the unreached areas for the Lord. God is bring many souls through their hard work of doing evangelism through them doing by walk into many miles for Jesus .  Here is a lady was not having for many years our IGMI team went to pray for her and she got a son . Now she and her family is serving for the Lord .


Many children in the villages they never heard about Jesus our IGMI teams are going into the villages. Our team member ravi and David anbu constantly doing evangelism in to the remote villages where there is no single shop,hospital,public transportation even still 2018.


Ravi done Engineering but he is very dedicated to serve the Lord.

Many of the old widows are helpless and hopeless no one is there for them but our team members are taking the Gospel seed as well as some rice. When they found there is a great needy people then they help them with rice that will give them a 3 times a food. Many mothers are cried before the Lord through our carecell and villages ministry. We need a prayer and support for our team members who are educated.

 Mala is a dedicated girl who finished her Bsc(physic’s) but she is serving the Lord among villages . She is more courageous person to go into the villages where there is no Christians can enter. she planted many of the carecell into those areas for the Lord.  Our team member Pushpa Mary was a teacher in the Public school she have an experience of doing ministry more than 38 years.God is using her among villages women everyday . We have pastor stalin also a effective man of God among children in the villages . He is reaching more than 30 villages. Each villages more than 30 to 40 kids are hearing the Gospel on regular basis. Please pray for the children who are from Hindu families in India.Please pray for IGMI and we need a help at least minimum 30 to 40 $ for our team to get their rice so that they can be on in villages for Jesus at any time of their days. We are longing to have your help for our missionaries . They will pray for you and you will be connected with them.





In Many parts of Indian villages entrances, they put a billboard it is saying no other religious people are allowed to come in for preach or convert any of our people. But one of these villages a man name is pandi he said us to come to his house and not conducting normal prayer meeting start with singing songs etc., but teach us like moral teaching session. So he said I know before you conduct a meeting at a street where anyone can hear about Jesus but now we need your protection so please come inside and we will come to you for welfare meeting from a Social organization you can come to us. Then teach us about the Lord Jesus. The thing is MR. Pandi has already welfare meeting in his house so those people still thinking that he is holding a meeting for people welfare purpose. Yes, indeed he is helping people to walk in the ways of our Lord.Our God is miraculously doing wonderful things in this village. Nearly 20 people are attending in pandi’s house.


Aruna was saved from a strong Hindu family. But she is the only one daughter in her house from middle-class family. Because she became a believer there is no one ready to marry her from her relatives. So all of her relatives and family they were saying to her if you are Hindu you would be married and having a blessed life.  But Aruna never give up her hope on Jesus she said my Lord is faithful to me so far He never leaves me nor forsaken me. But time passed her parents thought that she would never marry because they said to Aruna that all Christians are low caste when you marry a low caste people please don’t come.

But Aruna got a nice guy from their same background who got saved. He shared the Gospel with them in a way Aruna family could accept Jesus. Because Aruna father is a carpenter man is called (in caste – Aasari means carpenter ) in India Aasari . Aruna husband said to them Jesus also carpenter he died for all of us particularly Jesus was doing the same job we are doing it. Aruna’s parents moved by it now they all give their life to Jesus. Now the whole family is Coming to church every week and bible studies and all our prayer meetings by bringing up some people with them.



A women name is Kaleeswari a strong Hindu lady never heard the name of Jesus before. But she lived as a prostitute in her village. She has nobody to share about her life. One day when she was passing by a shop she heard a group of people singing a song about Jesus where our Immovable Grace Village ministry team conducted a prayer meeting.

While she was hearing the Gospel Lord touched her heart she was cried out for repentance and given her life to Jesus. She had thrown all of her idols. Now she is not prostitute anymore doing evangelism in the villages after villages.

Now her villagers are seeing her face is filled with happiness and Joy many of them begin to be her friends. Kaleeswari is sharing the Gospel with many of the villages children and people who are spending their lives without Jesus. She is a living testimony to more than 20 villages whom she knew by the people as a prostitute.



A man name is Perumal was an orphan from his childhood. But he was grown up in his uncle house who promised to his parents by taking care of him well. Perumal parents have died from HIV. They were given their house and other property for them to give education and food. But after 2 years they stop sending him to school and sent him to work in a market. He was staying in a market all of his time then he got leprosy after he got it he went to his uncle to give him medicine. But he told him to not come home anymore because of leprosy. Then himself he went to Government hospital for getting free medication there he told his situation. He was sent into Leprosy home. There he got no one to come and see him and care for him. This month he was decided to leave the home for taking poison. He thought no one is there for him in this world why should l live? He was crying out in his bed I have only one thing if there is any God let them show to me in any way that you love me. There when our IGMI team went to preach the Gospel they said Jesus loves the people who affected by leprosy He died for them also.

Jesus cleanse leprosy so when Perumal heard those words he asked Jesus now I believe you are the true living God who sent these people to answer me, revealed yourself to me. Perumal realizes only in Jesus he has a purpose live. He received Jesus as his Lord and savior. Now he is preaching the Gospel to others Leprosy in surrounding leprosy colonies in India.


A woman name is Sangari she got married 7 years ago but the doctor said her she cannot have a  baby anymore. But she was going to many temples and doing all kinds of witch practices that make her pregnant. None of her attempts was helping her to have a baby. One day when she was crying for a baby her husband said to her there is a group of Christians (IGMI Team) are praying maybe they will help us to have a baby. So she attends there and heard the Gospel begin to believe the Lord will give her a baby. She also asked the team to pray for her they were saying about Abraham story and help her to believe in the Lord. She started to believe in the Lord. She begins to get pregnant Now the Lord Jesus given her a son. She and her whole family trust Jesus is the true Living God. Now she not only come to the church but also sharing what God has done for her to her villagers.



Free tuition has been started in 2 villages for poor children. In a remote village where there is no single shop or hospital, all people are Hindus no one single Christians among 2000 houses. Our IGMI team went to preach the Gospel by going after the walk in a muddy hot road. There was a man name Sundaram he had affected by Tuberculosis. He could not able to go out and work but his wife is the one who finds a cooly laborer. They have one daughter who is a teenager could not able to go to school because they spent all of their money for his disease medication.

When our team sharing the Gospel he gave his heart to Jesus and received the Lord as a first person in that Hindu village. Though he is still sick he believes in the Lord Jesus Christ will heal him completely. There is a prayer meeting happening for other new believers to come and hear the word of God on weekly basis. His daughter and wife see much changes in him that before he can not able to eat food or walk but now he gets much improvement in his body that our Lord Jesus is healed him.


Even in 2017 years passed a village never allowed any Christians into this village for preaching the Gospel and converting people.  Pastor Richard had been chased out from this village when he was preaching even last year. There IGMI gospel team went courageously and doing door to door personal evangelism many of them were not receiving even the Gospel tracts because they were not able to read or write and warned by their village Hindu leaders do not have any relationship with other religious who come into the village. Finally, a lady name Shanthi who was Lyme one received it and said to them I do not need of any gods or goddesses because my life is void meaningless. Then our Gospel team member Mala said to her I know how you were escaped from the fire accident. Though your parents, all of your relatives and lover forsaken you God still thinking about you He has a special plan for you.  Our IGMI team prayed over her she was heartbroken cried before the Lord and received Lord as her personal savior. Now IGMI has given her a Bible she is started reading her Bible and talking about Jesus all the time to the village children. Many Children are coming to the Lord because she helps her village children in their studies.



A  Hindu devotee man name is Alagesan who was a drunkard and doing real estate business in India. He was never thinking about his health but he got a stroke. Then he could not able to walk and do anything became paralyzed. People were laughing at him because she never respected anyone so they all thought that he got a punishment from their idols.

He was realizing how this stroke changed his life entirely. But he is living near to the Manathururukathin Sabai. One day our IGMI team member went to do the door to door evangelism saw he was laying down on the floor like the worm. Our team member shared him a Gospel of our Lord Jesus and He can heal his sickness.

First, he was arguing with them then he begins to trust Jesus and they prayed for him. He got healed now he can able to walk. He could able to sell sandals store now he could able to come to worship the Lord. All of his friends and relatives are mocking him that he became a Christians like he only trusting one God rather than our 3 billion gods and goddesses. But he is standing for the Lord saying He only the true loving God and true Living God you may be teasing me but I will live for Him only in all my life.


Who are the broken people ? and Why Gospel needed to India ?

Many thousands of leprosy who lost their fingers,legs, eye sight and social acceptance,family. These leprosy people are lost their hope in this whole world still consider as a cursed people in India.

Nobody loves them and help them IGMI is helping these people by the Christ love and care . We see smiles on their face and heart overflowed with Joy and hope of Christ in them.

leprosy life in India is like a dead animals at the road side. Nobody cares or help them. But IGMI is helping those people by going to them like good Samaritan.
Leprosy man has no place to live but he lives nearer to the dustbin where no one is even come to it for filling the dust in it.
Jesus said when I am naked you have clothed me.

I see many hundreds of leprosy not even have a good medical care,cloth and food.

Blanket help for leprosy .
IGMI  is reaching the Rejected and unforgotten one sharing the Gospel .
Many hundreds of leprosy people first time heard the Gospel through pastor Richard J before they die.
Leprosy villages are hearing the Gospel in India.
Pastor Richard Joseph is preaching the Gospel to the leprosy in India.
God touches many souls by the Love action of preaching the Gospel and helping them with blankets.
First time leprosy people are hearing the Gospel .

This poor dalit man has nobody but Pastor Richard and his team went to him and given him a rice help and pray with him finally he got well and got saved.


We bring greetings to you for visiting our web site . You will see us preaching the Gospel to the unreached people of India. Our  hearts are crying out to God for the Indian people who worship man made idols,stone,all kinds of animals and creation. Our goal is to bring them all to Jesus Christ by sharing His loving words of God in our preaching. We also train and help many hundreds of  men and women to reach their own villages for Jesus. Always it is our hearts desire to minister His love to His lost children.

I am pastor Richard Joseph who married to Julie having 2 daughters and one son. I am pasturing from 1998 till now planting many churches in India and helping  our native missionaries to start their churches in various places. We were Preaching the Gospel to whole over Tamil Nadu lepers in their beggars colonies and to hundreds of blinds . We were taking care of orphans by encouraging them and helping with rice and lentils plus educational supplies. We are helping the poorest of the poor pastors and helping the Dalit kids .

Our ultimate Goal is to preach the gospel to the Hindu people in India. India has nearly 2 billion people (not million) but 3 billion gods and goddesses they have. As I said it earlier they worship all the living creatures like sun ,moon earth animals ,living person ,stone ,snake, cow, donkey all the animals and dead family members .They please their gods by having a fear through doing rituals like walking on fire ,giving human blood sacrifices , hair sacrifices, taking holy walk ,put a hook by piercing in their back of connecting their idols chariot and dragging them literally on the muddy bumpy roads for many hundreds of miles  showing to their idols how they are devoted themselves to those idols .

Mostly all early morning you can see people crowded to the temple for worship by bowing down to them rolling down to them. Tuesday and Friday is their holy days. The women in the houses they clean it and putting fragrances and smokes to their idols many of them takes fast those days.

Hindu people they worship Cow because they believe lots of their idols are living in different parts of the cow. In many of the Indian villages and cities you could able to see the temple cows are roaming in and around everywhere it is called holy cow. So people will feed them and drink cows urination as a holy water and burn those cow dung and make it as powder put it on their forehead as holy powder.


Each and every  Castes there are worshiping different gods and goddesses in India. Their every idols are having a different symbols so each groups of them are needed to put their own gods marks on their forehead so that other castes group of people can know which caste he or she belongs to.

Every villages and cities are filled with the idols temples.

They even having a saying like this : “where there is no temple don’t even go to live there.” people don’t know about who is the only one real God they need to know Jesus is the true living God. We are preaching the Gospel here. Many times we were spit on our face, cursed by the high caste people, slapped on our face, beaten up put into local police jail and still we never given up for preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Many time we thought this was our final day. Many of our bibles many times torn up by the Hindu extremists in the villages.

We have a lots of testimonies in the past years of our ministries to many hundreds of villages in India. We are praying for writing  a book about the life living of our pastors and missionaries who are suffering for the shake of preaching the Gospel in India.

Dalits are approximately 300 million people who are deemed “untouchable” and comprise the lowest rung of the Hindu caste system. Since the origin of this system 3,000 years ago, the Dalits have lived in bondage to the code of caste. They have been unable to escape their fate and are deprived of even the most basic liberties and privileges, including the freedom to decide where to live, work and worship.

We invite you to learn more about the widespread opportunity the Lord has given us to share His love with the Dalits.

“Caste is a state of mind. It is a disease of mind. The teachings of the Hindu religion are the root cause of this disease. We practice caste ism and we observe Untouchability because we are enjoined to do so by the Hindu religion. A bitter thing cannot be made sweet. The taste of anything can be changed. But poison cannot be changed into nectar.” —B.R. Ambedkar, Dalit Activist

“In a land where every animal is worshiped, these fellow humans are treated worse than any animal, even in [the] 21st century.”

Dalits are commonly called “Untouchables.” The word “Dalit” literally means “broken” or “crushed.”

Nearly 300 million Dalits live in India today.
the four main castes are:
* Brahmins – priests and teachers
* Kshatriyas – rulers and soldiers
* Vaisyas – merchants and traders
* Sudras – laborers and servants

# The Dalits fall beneath this structure and are considered less than human. Their position in Asian society is justified by ancient Hindu religious texts such as The Laws of Manu.

# Dalits are expected to perform menial, degrading tasks that include unclogging sewers, disposing of dead bodies and cleaning latrines.
# Dalits are forced to live in separate settlements, prohibited from worshipping in temples, barred from using the village wells, and their children often denied education or made to sit in the back of the classroom.

# The Indian constitution outlaws the caste system and reserves nearly 25 percent of government jobs and university spots for Dalits. However, more than a million of these posts remain unfilled, or filled by dishonest non-Dalits.

# Even simple Dalit assertions of their lawful rights and privileges have touched off hate crimes against them by members of the upper castes. These have included rape, harassment, violence and murder.

# The average literacy rate among Dalits is approximately 37 percent. Among some Dalit communities it is a low as 10 percent.
# Every hour, two Dalits are assaulted, three Dalit women raped, two Dalits murdered and two Dalit houses burned, according to the Human Rights Education Movement of India, yet only one percent of those who commit crimes.


Please pray for India and help us to help the poorest of the poor and  needy one in India through Immovable Grace Ministries. Thank you for your partnership with us to reach the lost souls of India.PASTOR RICHARD GIVING GOOD RICE BRIYANI TO LEPROSY COLONY IN INDIA SINCE 1998 TO 2018.

Pastor Richard Joseph visiting churches of USA!



Dear Pastors , Mission directors , Brothers and sisters of the Ministries in America we bring greetings to you in the precious Name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

Pastor Richard Joseph is visiting the states for sharing about  the mission field work in India what God is doing through him and his pastors team .God has used us to  plant more than 7 churches, taking care of orphan children,rice help for widows,trained MORE THAN 300  native missionaries  and preaching the Gospel to poorest of the poor  Leprosy in their colonies in India.

Once when Pastor Richard was  sharing the Gospel to one of the old mother who was 50 years in a remote Hindu village . She asked him ”  your Jesus is how much rupees per Kilo gram ? But I don’t have a money to buy a Kilo gram of Jesus” .  She thought Jesus was a thing to get through money because She never heard about Jesus before in her whole life.

Many hundreds thousands of people are dying everyday without hearing even  the name of Jesus  one time of their whole  life. You can be a  part of this great work for the Lord. YOUR SMALL INVOLVEMENT  SURELY WILL BRING MUCH CHANGES IN THE INDIAN FIELD! Thank you !

Pastor Richard Joseph.India.IMMOVABLE GRACE.


Cell   :  410-274-7392.

We need volunteers for web designing and newsletter help!

A Courageous USA missionary Lady Julie in Indian Field!


Julie is a missionary to India from year 2007 till now she was born and brought up from Maryland ,USA. She Lived in India 2007 to 2010 all months of a year and then for three years she spent in India more than 6 to 8 months for every year.

She is Serving among poor orphans,widows,lepers,Pastors and villages Evangelism . she has a heart for the women in India who are treated badly by their men. She was a culinary Jeff in pastry gifted and anointed servant-hood leader who was moved many hundreds thousands Indian ladies by her humble act of servant hood. She could write Tamil letters speak some of it. She is a good Godly woman in the Lord ,good wife, good Pastor Amma (Pastor Mom) for the church ,good Mother to her two daughters and one son.  Many villages girls and mothers they always asked me (Pastor Richard Joseph) Where is Amma (Mom Julie) How is she doing ? As a native Indian I could sense in my spirit she is the life changer and she is called to India and God has more for her than anybody that I know of so I am thanking God for given her to me as my wife and life partner. I know she is a faithful woman even in her small money and time.

 On regular basis Julie and with our 2 years old Girl Jerusha in the Village Ministry in India. Julie and I reached many of our Immovable Grace churches and Villages on regularly. 

Julie with leprosy man Raju whom she helped his wounds of leprosy!

Many Orphan children had a blessings of Julie showed her loves on their life in Christ. Many times no electricity , water scarcity,hot sunny weather like she was suffering from sun burn and Mosquitoes like millions of them. But still she was standing for Jesus . She was showing Christ likeness in our families and churches . 

She need a church and ministry back up in the states to say here we are you go we will meet your needs that is all she wants. But I never know she was asked her people  to help her needs more than for the orphan children in India.

These are the orphan children who were taken care by the Immovable grace through Julie for many years.



orphan children in India need a help !

Julie has a heart for the orphan Children and leprosy affected people.

Julie is giving a mattress to the poor pastors in India who are not even having their own bed. But many of them were said we will use it for our church alter areas which we were praying to have it for a long time.

preaching the Manna for pastors and Serving their physical food for them in India .
Julie is preaching among Children in India about how to live for Jesus !
Julie was helping and preaching among many hundreds of Kids VBS in India! She has a heart to start a Christian school for the Hindu children to Know the Lord! Through the school we can teach them a Word of God and use her talents in these kids lives.Julie is holding our second daughter serah Pastor Richard is holding Jerusha in my lap. All our ministry team members are standing around the Children ! 
Julie is helping the orphan kids in villages!

Julie loves the villages poor children and she was teaching them a Bible songs, stories and teach them freely Spoken English .


Julie is a loving person who loves the Lord and His people especially the one who is hurting in India!
Julie is helping the poor students in India with English and using Bible stories as her teachings materials. Many hundreds of the Teenagers given their hearts to Jesus through her.


Praying for the people after she encouraged them.
Julie was touched many hundreds of people in India. Especially she touched many of the Orphan girls  begin to call her as their OWN MUMMY. You can see children and all ages of people who are affected with leprosy  liked her love and care for them through our Lord’s Love.


Immovable grace helped the leprosy women with the Blankets !

opposition for Christians in India!

These are the boards at the entrances of the villages in India put by the Hindu extremists saying, ” Other religious people are not allowed to entry in this village for converting people from Hindu.” 

We see in the Bible Paul would be saying that we are carrying His (Jesus) marks in our body. Same way I (Pastor Richard Joseph) have many times beaten up for the Gospel shake. Myself and our IGMI missionaries gone through many times of beaten up and few times gone to prison for the Gospel preaching into remote villages. In India when you got by the police they will put false cases against you so that you could not able to come out very easily.  But God’s grace we could able to be sent out to us a right people to delivered us .

When some of our missionaries were gone to unreached villages for preaching the Gospel few Hindu Extremists men are threatening these Christians not to preach the Gospel anywhere of India otherwise we will beat you and make you to walk nakedly. They were even calling them a bad names you dogs and beggars leave away from India.  They even torn their tracts and cursed them by poured on it.

At the same time there are many young women are given by their own parents publicly though after 2017 years passed there are many human welfare and women welfare organisation are there but they can not stand against it. Theses young girls are decorated like a bride and any one even her own brother or father or any kinds of people can sexually assaulted in the name of their goddesses. Then rest of their life those girls can not married and  became temple prostitutes until their death.

It came even through news

“There is  an increasing number of attacks on Christians in India.

Based on reports from Fox News, 26 cases of religiously motivated violence were recorded in the first two months of the year, targeting Christians in the country.

According to the report, the attacks are allegedly attributed to Hindu radicals who believe that they will not be held accountable for their actions since a Hindu Nationalist is in power.

“They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. There has been an increase in attacks because these nationalists feel emboldened with [Prime Minister Narendra] Modi in power,” Jeff King, president of the International Christian Concern said.

Christians have already appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is part of the Bharatiya Janata Party or the Indian People’s Party, to take action on the rising incidence of religious persecution but have lamented the lack of action by the government to deal with the attacks.

So far, a letter was sent to Modi by eight US senators and 26 members of Congress, asking the Prime Minister to condemn the acts of persecution but so far, there has been no response.”—Christian Today .




  • India is a land of great poverty.
  • where Christians are a persecuted minority.
  • to plant churches among unreached people please pray for India!
  • pastors in India beaten up for the Gospel !


  • video’s are in Tamil Nadu,India!

Life from death- A real story of Pr.Joseph.

   Miracle From God-  The touch of Jesus never fails in any single people’s life of the whole human History!Pr.Joseph.S


Pastor Richard Joseph is chosen by God for the end time revival in India. Through his ministry God brought thousands to the kingdom of God. Pastor Richard Joseph reached thousands of villages through his ministry. He is very bold  in preaching the Gospel and in the ministry of Indian soil.

Here I am so much glad to work for the Lord and praying for the Lord should send His people to come and work for the Lord in India. Still in India I could challenge you there are so many thousands of villagers who never before heard about our Lord Jesus who He is.

WHO WILL GO FOR THIS DYING PEOPLE? Among those many people of India who do not know about the Lord Jesus .WHO WILL PREACH THAT? He is the only real Lord and savior. But through our ministry Lord is changing many people hearts.

This is really a happiest thing and you could also know how we got saved.

My dad’s  name is Joseph his father Savari Muthu was a Hindu man and his lifetime he got converted in to Roman Catholic .My dad  was helping my  grandpa in  his agriculture work. Same time he got a job as a teacher  in private school  just for 1$ in 1980’s as his monthly salary .it was not enough for him to run his family in a year 1980. He had to work in the sugar cane field and rice field flower garden plugging flowers and selling it in Market then he had to ride his bicycle for 40 miles. The very next year   1981 he was affected by T.B and hospitalized.


We never wasted our food or cloth we would not have more than one sets of dress that also would be given by the government school freely.

I could remember the time I carried fire woods in the mountains area and cow dung all my childhood to young days by picking them up with my hands make it as a bread at walls for people to cook rice food in their fire woods.


I know hungry what it means and suffering what it means. Even now I would do any menial Job because I had a life before lived as an Untouchable person  in India. Now my work is to bring the people from  different sinful ways where Satan is captured many millions of people to do his menial activities. I remembered those days though I was beaten up for the Gospel I was going to preach the Gospel without eating a food for three days in a row. The reason I was not married for a long time if I martyred for the Lord (which I am wishing it ) I did not want my children to became an orphan like me lived in my childhood.

The doctor’s were given up a hope for my dad .So my mom begins to wander around like a mad woman, Is there any God who can help us? But she was searching for the good thing in all the wrong places of her known different religious rituals and practices before their idols. Finally one of my mom’s friend who was a Christian lady advised my mom by said; you are saying that you are a Christian so why don’t you try to put your trust upon our Lord Jesus once again in a different way.
                                Prophetic word From God
Then my mom decided to go with her friend to one of the Bible believing church there only 5 members were there .When the worship was going there was a prophetical word came to the people like thishere is a woman coming newly here, your husband is affected by witchcraft if you put all your trust upon the lord Jesus he will save your husband and your kids .I have chosen your family to serve the lord as a mighty instruments to preach the Gospel in India and many parts of the world. I will save your husband life.”

Then all these people were asking each other for whom was this prophetical words? Whose husband is not feeling well and affected by witchcraft? Then my mom said my husband is in bed at hospital .we don’t have a hope about my husband she said. Then all the people at church they were prayed for my mom and also they came to our house to our remote village and removed all our idol and pictures.

My mom came to my dad said everything what was happening in that prayer time at church. My dad also put all his trust upon our Lord Jesus but doctor said you need to take your husband to your home before he died because you are saying nobody for you to take care of you.
                                                              Dad Trusted The Lord
In that time very risky to hire car for my dad’s dead body if he died so my mom took him to our home. Because still in India Hindu people believe when a person die outside of their house like anywhere in the hospital they do believe the devils will be surrounding with that dead body. Some time they can attack the car when they taking those dead body so they will cut and throw the lemon fruit on their way to up to the burial or burning place(Graveyard).They think lemon can chase the devils that is why when you go to India you can see lemon in front of their car,Bike and any Vehicles inside . Even today when a person died at Hospital or accident, suicide they will not take that body to their house and from there to burial places. They still think that they can bring lots of devils into their home. For normal dead people they will bring all of their relatives and decorated them with flowers garland because they think they became god and they will protect them. So they put their pictures frame and begin to worship them with their idols as I did worship my dead grandfather before I got saved.


We know all the rituals in this world that are being practiced  really blindness from devil .Every day we were expecting our dad’s death we were cried every moment of our life that was our life  before our Lord touched us. We were not had a hope about my dad will be alive for next day. But we were broken in our heart and pray by putting our hands upon my dad .We were helpless by all our relatives and friends. My mom only taught us how to cry before our Lord.

After we became a believer we never go to the people for our help but we are looking up to our Father in Heaven. The Lord used some of the Christians to teach the real truth and how we have to worship our Lord Jesus spirit and truth. My mom begins to put her final trust upon Jesus and we were prayed. The Doctor’s were said to my mom that my dad will be dead soon some days now or later one month. We were very active in putting our Final trust upon the Lord Jesus so my dad was not yet dead after three months passed. We got all so excited and praying all the time in our house and the touch of Jesus never fail in any single people’s life of  the whole human History!

                                            Healing From God   

Then we were so much happy. Also my dad could not had sensation from his hip to bottom before  but now he can move his leg or stand or sit slowly he was getting his  sensation  back again in his body. My dad  was laid in his bed more than 6 months at hospital and more than 6 months at home. Our family we put all our hands upon my dad to pray for him everyday more than hour. Lord we know only you in this world .We don’t have anybody, we will do whatever you are asking us to obey for you Lord please Lord heal my dad.
We are so much learned how to plead before our Lord in our life living .I believe this is the Lord’s will about our family .We could not believe when our dad got sensation and slowly he was sitting and walking we were glad to see our dad was walking through our staff. Like a parents how glad for them to see their kids are walking we were glad to see our dad was walking as I am typing this I could not control my tears. With tears I am typing it that Now my dad is living walking more than me fast walking, doing more than me do work for the Lord and talking more than me speak it’s making me so much happier . My dad loves
Jesus very much in his life and his heart .He was reflecting Christ like characters many of the Hindu families in that village and surrounding villagers got saved. He is helping us to do the will of our father in our life. 

My dad was a Hindu drama conducting director in surrounding 30 villages before he got saved now those villagers asked my dad by saying , you are person who escaped from the dead pit . We are here to requesting you to conduct our Hindu dramas for our idol worship festivals. My dad look at them by smiling said to them if you want me to help you with anything I could I am very gladly to give you my help. But as you all know me how wrecked, broken , how bad I was how much I tried all your rituals for your gods and goddesses to help me in my dead sick bed. But none of them couldn’t come and help me.

By holding a BIBLE IN HIS HANDS said to them, THE ONE WHOM I DID NOT KNOW HE CAME TO SEARCHED ME WHEN I WAS NOT SEARCHED HIM BEFORE”. He can help you from all of your problems so I cannot do anything for your Idols. From that moment onward 1985 to now also my dad is preaching the Gospel in all of his influenced Hindu villages without any Christian organisation helps or support.

Now the Lord is asking us to work for Him so we decided to serve our God as a family .We rejected to work for the world after my schooling I gone to bible college to do my Bachelor of theology and Masters of Divinity then my brother and my older sister everybody we are in the ministry field to show the seed of the Gospel in many parts of India.

We are as a family ready to die for the Lord Jesus even today .We’ve gotten lots of opposition, persecution from the Hindu people when we went to preach the Gospel in many other villages. Because of we became a spirit filled believers from roman catholic our relatives all were hated us. We had challenged them that only we need Jesus, He is enough for us more than any rituals .He  IS  A TRUE GOD NOT A MARY IF YOU BELIEVE JESUS HE WILL HELP YOU TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH .NOW WE HAVE PLANTED MORE THAN 7 CHURCHES WE NEED TO DO MORE FOR OUR LORD .SO WE ARE EXPECTING GREAT THINGS AND MIRACLES THROUGH OUR LORD JESUS.

My dad was acting before as a Hindu god’s in his villages whenever those villagers had festivals. But now my dad said to them when they were asked him to come again to organize the Hindu drama he said .sorry I cannot come because those gods and goddess were not gave me my life but only this God.(He showed them his bible ).
My dad was burdening for the kids so he took us to various village among kids he was dancing and teaching about the gospel and stories when were little .
we preached the gospel to many villages kids. Also got a much burden to serve God because we saw in a church nobody wants to come to serve the Lord. Because they ask who will take care of me? If I go to ministry nobody will be there for me to take of my family and me. But as a whole family we saw the heart of Jesus ready to use us and send us in to the field .we are ready.

Pastor Joseph Savari Muthu is teaching the Gospel to Children in India.
Pastor Joseph Savarimuthu leading the IGMI gospel team to the villages for preaching the Gospel !

Children’s VBS

Children’s VBS :  Yesuvai Nokki/Looking Unto Jesus.

This spring pastor Richard decided to expand its children’s ministry
to include a ten day Vacation Bible School (VBS) for the children of the Immovable Grace church and many of the surrounding villages. In the first two weeks of May, when the children have a break from their normal studies, Pastor Richard and the Gospel team shared the message of “Looking Unto Jesus” to 250 children between the ages of 9 and 14 (4th through 8th grade) who made the commitment to complete the VBS Junior course. Many of the younger children and their parents also listened in on the lessons. These  children, most from Hindu families, were taught from workbooks that included lessons on What Jesus Likes, Fellowship, The Good Shepherd, Obedience, Pleasing Jesus Through Our Speech, Using the Talents that Jesus Gives Us, The Primary Person In Our Lives, Through Jesus All Things Are Possible, Helping One Another, and Being A Testimony for the Lord, among other topics. The VBS teachers traveled to each village in teams of two to hold classes each day, completing 20 lessons and teaching memory
verses and new songs. One team was forced to move their VBS class from inside the village to the nearby farmers’ market location because of interference from one child’s Hindu father. In spite of this disturbance, the child whose father expects him to be the village’s Hindu priest when he grows up, continued to attend the VBS classes and was at the top of his village in his lessons. On the last day of VBS, we brought the children to the Immovable Grace church where the teachers held a VBS Looking Unto Jesus Celebration. The children watched a video of the story of Jesus and then after singing the VBS songs they had learned, each child was given their completed VBS books, attendance projects and a certificate of completion of the Junior course. Those students who had good attendance and did well on their lessons and memory verses also received a gift pack that included a New Testament Bible and a Gospel tract, as well as a toy and other items. At the end of the celebration, Pastor Richard asked the children what they learned from the VBS. They all said that they learned more about Jesus and about how He wants us to behave. One boy said, “I
 was not serious about Jesus, but through the 
VBS I learned more about Jesus and how to worship Him. I am looking forward to learning even more in my future.” 
Another child said, as tears fell from her eyes, “I used to be a bad girl. I called my mother names and did not listen to her. Through this VBS, I learned that it was important for me to obey my mother and not call her names.” After the ceremony, the children were given cookies and cold drinks before they were taken back to their villages. Even as they were leaving the children began asking when the next VBS would be. We believe that it is very important to minister to these children on a regular basis. Pastor Richard is planning to begin a weekly Kids’ Club so that these children will learn more about Jesus and how important He is to their lives, learn more about living in a way that is pleasing to the Lord and learn how to worship the Lord, pray, read the Bible and share Jesus with others. Then they will be able to share Jesus with their families:

 “And a little child shall lead them.” Isaiah 11:6. You can make a difference
in each of these children’s lives with your love and support by sowing into our ministry.



Children ministry in India! “GO” OR “SEND”

In India God has lead us to start a children ministry year 1995 . Since then God is faithfully using us among children. As I was born in India and grew here God has given me many grace to know and experience the life of a young one in India. I never wore any sandals or shoes until the day of my Bible college Bachelor of theology. The day of my graduation I should wear a shoe so I had to get it the one which was very old and next day onward I found very difficult to wear it because when i wear those it was very tight for my feet it was not my size I didn’t know how to pick the right size.

I was a very remote village boy who never have a changing cloth I have a memory of wearing Government school uniform dress which has a many holes in my back of my trouser. So I was not too comfortable with hanging with people or going many times outside.

But when I was 4 to 5 years I drowned into the large river water that river was built by Bennie hock who sold his property in USA built that river dam because of him seeing many times people huts are damaged and many lives died by the flood water in Tamil Nadu India. It is very concrete one in that river water I was sinking in there my heart said I am going to die and I am on my way to hell. Jesus if you save me I will love for you as long as the day I live on this earth. There was a lady unexpectedly came there who knows how to swim she saved me by pulling my hair. From the day onward I would talk with God by looking up at air. Lord I know you are real I don’t know where you are but I know you can hear me and see me.

Then year 1986 I got a wonderful opportunity to touch first time of Bible. So I started reading it I like proverbs and psalms very much as I read it. I like History very much because up to my high school I was an excellent student of History so when I begin to read Genesis it was opened my eyes to see how God created this universe.

I started trusting God by reading the Bible than any other channel. I started seeing God moving through lives and Miracles and wonders. I come to encounter with demonic spirit in my own life. I would run to the wells or grave every single night. I was having bone fever every single year i was peace less then I realize only if i read Bible and pray to God i would have peace in my heart. Otherwise I would be like mental disorder person.

I was helping to my mom in finding fire wood and making cow waste bread by my hands for her to cook food, I was not like other children because all of my children were boasting about their idols how arrogant they are and how bad they are so people will be obey them with fear and trembling. But I would share the Gospel to them Jesus is the one who died for our sins rather than we would take our punishment.

Many of my friends believed but some of them are serving the Lord in India.

Our farmer president respected Nehru said , “Today’s children’s are the tomorrow’s leaders.”

India with 1.21 billion people constitutes as the second most populous country in the world, while children represents 39% of total population of the country.It is estimated that more than 400,000 street children in India exist.

poor children are getting free note books through IGMI!


  • 1 in 4 children of school-going age is out of school in our country – 99 million children in total have dropped out of school (Census 2011)
  • Out of every 100 children, only 32 children finish their school education age-appropriately (District Information System for Education (DISE) 2014-15)
  • Only 2% of the schools offer complete school education from Class 1 to Class 12 (District Information System for Education (DISE) 2014-15)
  • Hundreds of children need Jesus in India . IGMI is the faithful ministry has native missionaries and team to preach the Gospel every single day.

Child labour and exploitation:

  • There are 10.13 million child labourers between 5-14 years in India (Census 2011)
  • India has 33 million working children between the ages of 5-18 years. In parts of the country, more than half the child population is engaged in labour (Census 2011)
  • Every 8 minutes, a child goes missing in India – kidnapping and abduction is the largest crime against children in our country (District Crime Record Bureau (DCRB) 2014)
  • Over the last 10 years, crimes against children has increased 5 times over (District Crime Record Bureau (DCRB) Data Series)
  • Fear of failure in examinations in the second highest cause of suicides in children (Accidents and Suicide Deaths in India (ASDI) 2014)

Health and Nutrition :


  • 19.8 million children below age 6 in India are undernourished (ICDS 2015)
  • Only 9.6% of children between 6-23 months in the country receive an adequate diet (NFHS 4, 2015-16)
  • 38% (1 in 3 )of children between 0-5 years are stunted in the country (NFHS 4, 2015-16)
  • 21% (1 in 5) of the children in the country suffer from wasting (NFHS 4, 2015-16)
  • 36% of children under 5 years of age are underweight in India (NFHS 4, 2015-16)
  • 58% of children between 6months – 5 years were found to be anaemic in the country (NFHS 4, 2015-16)
  • Total Immunisation coverage in the country stood at 62% in 2015-16 (NFHS 4, 2015-16)
  • 21% of the births in the country were home births (NFHS 4, 2015-16)

Maternal Health:

  • Only 21% of mothers (1 in 5) received full antenatal care in the country (NFHS 4, 2015-16)
  • More than 50% of the pregnant women aged 15-49 years were found to be anaemic (NFHS 4, 2015-16)

Girl Child:

  • 42% of married women in India were married as children (District Information System for Education (DISE) 3)
  • 1 in every 3 child brides in the world is a girl in India (UNICEF)
  • India has more than 45 lakhs girls under 15 years of age who are married with children. Out of these, 70% of the girls have 2 children (Census 2011).
  • GOSPEL :

  • Many of their parents are addicted to alcohol,drugs , prostitution and poverty issues. 
  • Jesus loves the children. He said let this little one come to me , do not hinder them to come to me. We are mainly preaching the Gospel to this precious children who are longing to hear the Gospel and many of them are having much influences for our Lord in their villages.
  • In one village one of the 11 year old girl said me, Anna (my older brother ) my parents they were found out me that I am no longer worshiping their idols so they pulled me inside their temple and forced me to bow down and take hands towards their idols. In front of our own eyes you have to take your hands and worship our gods. So I went inside to their temple took my hands like worshiping their idols but I said to Jesus who is in my heart “Jesus you are in my heart though I am taking  my hands toward this idols they are not my god but you only my true living God. I am not worshiping this stone but I worship you only.” she said me my parents thought that I worshiped their gods . They did not know to whom I worshiped but I only know to whom I prayed that is my Jesus.
  • Because of her faith now the whole family got saved and take away all of their idols in their family.  We have started our churches,tribal ministry , hospital ministry through our children ministries.
  • We need your prayers for our children ministry and we have a people who are regularly going out to the villages for preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. We are reaching more than 50000 villages through our 300 pastors who are running minimum 3 to 4 churches and our gospel team.
  • Our team members are doing evangelism without any help so far. We pray the Lord would raise the supporters for them. If you are burden to preach among children you are welcome and we need your help for our team help that is the most urgent need what we have now. Ministry among Dalits kids in India hearing God’s Word !Nearly 800 kids will be shows up of any given day to hear the Gospel in India. who will go for these children to know the Lord Jesus? God is calling you to preach and serve among them . We need your prayers and help for us . God is saying to you right now  Go or Send for me.
  •  “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” – Mark 16:15.
  • We have a lots of need for preaching the Gospel in India among Orphans, poorest of the poor villages children. I am praying for the faithful servants from the Globe anywhere we are more interested to invite you. Our hearts burden is to train them in evangelism and make them disciples from their young age.
  • Please feel free to ask any questions about missions .
  • CONTACT Email:
  • Cell   :  410-274-7392
  • “For I was an hungered,and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungered, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me”  – Matthew 25:35-40.