Julie was in India.


Julie is a missionary to India from the year 2007 till now she was born and brought up from Maryland, USA. She Lived in India 2007 to 2010 all months of a year and then for three years she spent in India more than 6 to 8 months for every year.

She is Serving among poor orphans, widows, lepers, Pastors and villages Evangelism. she has a heart for the women in India who are treated badly by their men. She was a culinary Jeff in pastry gifted and anointed servant-hood leader who was moved many hundreds of thousands of Indian ladies by her humble act of servanthood. She could write Tamil letters speak some of it. She is a good Godly woman in the Lord, I know she is a faithful woman even in her small money and time.

 On a regular basis Julie and with our 2 years old Girl Jerusha in the Village Ministry in India. Julie and I reached many of our Immovable Grace churches and Villages on regularly. 

Julie with leprosy man Raju whom she helped his wounds of leprosy!

Many Orphan children had a blessing of Julie showed her loves on their life in Christ. Many times no electricity, water scarcity, hot sunny weather like she was suffering from sunburn and Mosquitoes like millions of them. But still, she was standing for Jesus. She was showing Christ-likeness in our families and churches. 

She needs a church and ministry back up in the states to say here we are you go we will meet your needs that is all she wants. But I never know she was asked her people to help her needs more than for the orphan children in India.

These are the orphan children who were taken care of by the Immovable grace through Julie for many years.



orphan children in India need help!

Julie has a heart for the orphan Children and leprosy-affected people.

Julie is giving a mattress to the poor pastors in India who are not even having their own beds. But many of them were said we will use it for our church alter areas which we were praying to have it for a long time.

preaching the Manna for pastors and Serving their physical food for them in India.
Julie is preaching among Children in India about how to live for Jesus!
Julie was helping and preaching among many hundreds of Kids VBS in India! She has the heart to start a Christian school for the Hindu children to Know the Lord! Through the school, we can teach them a Word of God and use her talents in these kids’ lives. Julie is holding our second daughter Serah Pastor Richard is holding Jerusha in my lap. All our ministry team members are standing around the Children! 


Julie is a loving person who loves the Lord and His people especially the one who is hurting in India


Immovable grace helped the leprosy women with the Blankets!

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