Bibles are being burnt out by the Hindu priests and Extremists in India!

In India every single day the opposition from the Hindu extremists is at a higher rate now than ever before. Bibles are being burnt out in front of their priests, churches are being broken up and pastors are being murdered. We really need your prayers for preaching the Gospel. 

We know God touched saul and he was the one who preaches the Gospel to the Gentiles. We pray the Lord would somehow touch these opposition groups.

We need more prayers and help to help Bibles and New Testaments to those who really need it. I believe God is working in India among churches and gentiles. 

IGMI is reaching these Hindu people to know the Lord. This is the right time to reach them and we need you.

God has to touch these people in India. Though God has used many thousands of missionaries to give them free education, medical aid, eradicated many superstitious like sati. 

Hindu extremists are taking the Bibles behind them Hindu priest is standing.New Testaments are put into the fire by the Hindu Extremists in India! Though few extremists are burning the Bible still God is using IGMI is giving our Bibles in many hundreds of villages on a regular basis. We need a minimum of 1000 bibles in a month to our 300 pastors who are under our banner in India. We are requesting people of God to give your gifts towards the Bible or you can get Tamil Bibles and send it to us. Please pray for us and help us to reach the unreached groups and people in remote villages and hilly places.


Hindu lady and a man who got saved are receiving Bibles from Pastor Richard Joseph through immovable grace ministry Int’l.


Forcefully taking the Bibles from Pastor and going to put into the fire.


IGMI is giving Bibles freely to those who are receiving Jesus and many hundreds of them are growing in the Lord by the benefits of them having bibles. It is very easy for us to follow them up.
Immovable Grace

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