Who are the broken people ? and Why Gospel needed to India ?

Many thousands of leprosy who lost their fingers, legs, eyesight and social acceptance, family. These leprosy people are lost their hope in this whole world still consider as a cursed people in India.

Nobody loves them and helps them IGMI is helping these people by Christ love and care. We see smiles on their face and heart overflowed with joy and hope of Christ in them.

leprosy life in India is like a dead animal at the roadside. Nobody cares or help them. But IGMI is helping those people by going to them like good Samaritan.
Leprosy man has no place to live but he lives nearer to the dustbin where no one is even come to it for filling the dust in it.
Jesus said when I am naked you have clothed me.

I see many hundreds of leprosy not even have good medical care, cloth, and food.

The blanket helps with leprosy.
IGMI  is reaching the Rejected and unforgotten one sharing the Gospel.
Many hundreds of leprosy people first time heard the Gospel through pastor Richard J before they die.
Leprosy villages are hearing the Gospel in India.
Pastor Richard Joseph is preaching the Gospel to leprosy in India.
God touches many souls by the Love action of preaching the Gospel and helping them with blankets.
First-time leprosy people are hearing the Gospel.

This poor Dalit man has nobody but Pastor Richard and his team went to him and given him a rice help and pray with him finally he got well and got saved.


Our hearts are crying out to God for the Indian people who worship man-made idols, stone, all kinds of animals and creation. Our goal is to bring them all to Jesus Christ by sharing His loving words of God in our preaching. We also train and help many hundreds of  men and women to reach their own villages for Jesus. Always it is our heart’s desire to minister His love to His lost children.

I am pastor Richard Joseph pasturing from 1998 till now planting many churches in India and helping our native missionaries to start their churches in various places. We were Preaching the Gospel to whole over Tamil Nadu lepers in their beggars colonies and to hundreds of blinds . We were taking care of orphans by encouraging them and helping with rice and lentils plus educational supplies. We are helping the poorest of the poor pastors and helping the Dalit kids.

Our ultimate goal is to preach the gospel to the Hindu people in India. India has nearly 2 billion people (not million) but 3 billion gods and goddesses they have. As I said earlier they worship all the living creatures like sun, moon earth animals, living person, stone, snake, cow, donkey all the animals and dead family members. They please their gods by having a fear through doing rituals like walking on fire, giving human blood sacrifices, hair sacrifices, taking holy walk, put a hook by piercing in their back of connecting their idols chariot and dragging them literally on the muddy bumpy roads for many hundreds of miles showing to their idols how they are devoted themselves to those idols.

Mostly all early morning you can see people crowded to the temple for worship by bowing down to them rolling down to them. Tuesday and Friday are their holy days. The women in the houses clean it and putting fragrances and smoke to their idols many of them take fast those days.

Hindu people worship Cow because they believe lots of their idols are living in different parts of the cow. In many of the Indian villages and cities you could able to see the temple cows are roaming in and around everywhere it is called a holy cow. So people will feed them and drink cows’ urination as holy water and burn those cow dung and make it as powder put it on their forehead as holy powder.


Each and every caste there are worshiping different gods and goddesses in India. Their every idol is having a different symbol so each group of them is needed to put their own god’s marks on their forehead so that other castes group of people can know which caste he or she belongs to.

Every village and city is filled with the idols’ temples.

They even had a saying like this: “where there is no temple don’t even go to live there.” people don’t know about who is the only one real God they need to know Jesus is the true living God. We are preaching the Gospel here. Many times we were spitting on our face, cursed by the high caste people, slapped on our face, beaten up put into local police jail and still we never gave up for preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Many times we thought this was our final day. Many of our bibles many times have torn up by the Hindu extremists in the villages.

We have a lot of testimonies in the past years of our ministries to many hundreds of villages in India. We are praying for writing a book about the life living of our pastors and missionaries who are suffering for the shake of preaching the Gospel in India.

Dalits are approximately 300 million people who are deemed “untouchable” and comprise the lowest rung of the Hindu caste system. Since the origin of this system 3,000 years ago, the Dalits have lived in bondage to the code of caste. They have been unable to escape their fate and are deprived of even the most basic liberties and privileges, including the freedom to decide where to live, work and worship.

We invite you to learn more about the widespread opportunity the Lord has given us to share His love with the Dalits.

“Caste is a state of mind. It is a disease of the mind. The teachings of the Hindu religion are the root cause of this disease. We practice casteism and we observe Untouchability because we are enjoined to do so by the Hindu religion. A bitter thing cannot be made sweet. The taste of anything can be changed. But poison cannot be changed into nectar.” —B.R. Ambedkar, Dalit Activist

“In a land where every animal is worshiped, these fellow humans are treated worse than any animal, even in [the] 21st century.”

Dalits are commonly called “Untouchables.” The word “Dalit” literally means “broken” or “crushed.”

Nearly 300 million Dalits live in India today.
the four main castes are:
* Brahmins – priests and teachers
* Kshatriyas – rulers and soldiers
* Vaisyas – merchants and traders
* Sudras – laborers and servants

# The Dalits fall beneath this structure and are considered less than human. Their position in Asian society is justified by ancient Hindu religious texts such as The Laws of Manu.

# Dalits are expected to perform menial, degrading tasks that include unclogging sewers, disposing of dead bodies and cleaning latrines.
# Dalits are forced to live in separate settlements, prohibited from worshipping in temples, barred from using the village wells, and their children often denied education or made to sit in the back of the classroom.

# The Indian constitution outlaws the caste system and reserves nearly 25 percent of government jobs and university spots for Dalits. However, more than a million of these posts remain unfilled or filled by dishonest non-Dalits.

# Even simple Dalit assertions of their lawful rights and privileges have touched off hate crimes against them by members of the upper castes. These have included rape, harassment, violence, and murder.

# The average literacy rate among Dalits is approximately 37 percent. Among some Dalit communities, it is a low as 10 percent.
# Every hour, two Dalits are assaulted, three Dalit women raped, two Dalits murdered and two Dalit houses burned, according to the Human Rights Education Movement of India, yet only one percent of those who commit crimes.


Please pray for India and help us to help the poorest of the poor and needy one in India through Immovable Grace Ministries. Thank you for your partnership with us to reach the lost souls of India.PASTOR RICHARD GIVING GOOD RICE BRIYANI TO LEPROSY COLONY IN INDIA SINCE 1998 TO 2018.

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